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Snuffy and the Bull: The Enemy Ain’t No Joke

The first book in the Snuffy Series. Snuffy and the Bull follows young Snuffy and her grandmother during an uncomfortable encounter with the farm’s reigning “tough guy,” when she finds out that The Enemy Ain’t No Joke.Snuffy_Bull_cover-thumbnail


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Snuffy Reading Literacy Package includes Snuffy and the Bull: The Enemy Ain’t No Joke Book, Snuffyary (Snuffy Dictionary), Teacher Unit Plan according to CCSS/TEKS and (1) hard copy of book.

Literacy Unit Plan for grades 3rd thru 8th and scalable to 9th and 10th grades.

Contact Best Selling Author Regine’ Ivory-Barlow (504) 333-3380

Great for formal classrooms, home schools, juvenile centers, and prisons. 

“Reading is Snuffysational”

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