Best-Selling Author!


I am thrilled that Snuffy made it to the best-seller list on the Amazon – and now that we have done it, I want to help you turn YOUR book into a best-seller as well!

With the assistance of Leigh St John and her team of Elves, Snuffy made the Amazon Kindle best-seller list at #1 in two different categories!

Here (below) is the screen-shot.

Going through this process was so exciting, that I asked Leigh if Snuffy could help other people live their dream of becoming a best-selling author!

If you are interested, just shoot me an email and I will give you all the details:

Imagine seeing YOUR book listed as a Best-Seller on Amazon!

(btw, the client I mention in the video ended up reaching #1 in the Customer Service category and #4 in the Marketing & Sales category on Amazon!  If you would like to arrange a call with me to discuss whether we can achieve similar results with your book, simply email me and we will set up a time to talk…)

This (below) is the screen-shot from just one of my best-sellers and when the first of them hit #1 I was ever so excited – but the ranking itself was not why I was excited…


I wanted to prove to my students and coaching clients that without ANY paid advertising and without promoting it to your email list (that is, even if you have one!) ~ if you follow the steps, and your book is actually what people want to read, you can become an Amazon Best-Seller!

Many people believe to become a best-selling author you need to be rich, well-known, and/or have a huge and responsive email list – BUT it’s nice to know becoming a best-selling author is still an achievable goal for those who are not already famous… 

Tina Benson is one such person who was able to achieve a best-seller ranking on Amazon…

Now YOU can become a best-selling author!

It took me a VERY long time and a LOT of trial and error to put together the exact process to be able to take a non-fiction Kindle book through to best-seller status and to date we have achieved that status for many clients (actually every one of them has achieved an Amazon ranking of at least #50, with most being in the TOP #10 in at least one category on Amazon!)

After only offering this service to my coaching clients, I have decided to now also make it available to people who have already published a non-fiction Kindle book on Amazon (or are about to!).

…and even if you published a book some years ago as a print-only version , we can still turn it into a Kindle-version and get you that Best-Seller rank!

For instance, one of Chris Cooper’s books was published six years ago, yet we were able to take it to a #1 ranking on Amazon…  Watch the video to learn more…

Why becoming a best-selling author is important…

Imagine you need to see a Chiropractor.  Would you rather go to a general Chiropractor – or one who had written a best-selling book on chiropractic methods?

Imagine you need to find a new Accountant.  Would you rather choose a general Accountant – or one who had written a best-selling book on accounting?

Imagine you are a Conference Organizer looking for a Speaker for your next event.  I’m guessing you would rather choose a Speaker who had written a best-selling book!

…and in many cases, people even feel comfortable paying MORE to someone who has already shown their expertise by becoming a best-selling author.

Being a published author in and of itself lends great credibility to any professional – but reaching that status of a best-seller puts you well above the rest of your field.

What you do with your new status as a Best-Selling Author is up to you – I had one client who was able to almost double their speaking fees after their book had reached the rank of a best-seller on Amazon.  

What is a ‘best-seller’?

Many sites will tell you that if you are in the top 100 in any category, you are a best-seller – and with the fact that according to a article there are anywhere between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books published each YEAR, that seems like a reasonable goal.

We like to aim a little higher than ‘reasonable’ for our clients…   :-))

Our goal is to pull out all stops and do everything we possibly can to make you what WE believe is a best-seller:  listed in the top #50 on Amazon in your category!

What this process is…


The entire process takes approximately 60 days (although we have successfully done it in less) and during that time we give you some action steps, but most of what needs to be handled is done by us – meaning me and my amazing Team of Elves (well, that’s what I affectionately call them!).

Through the KDP Kindle Select program there is a feature allowing you to run a campaign to give the Kindle digital version of your book away for free for up to 5 days in any 90 day period of time to help you achieve a best-seller ranking and to get your book in the hands of as many people as possible.

“Build a better mouse-trap and the world will beat a path to your door.” ~ actually, they won’t UNLESS they know you’ve built a better mouse-trap AND they know where to find you!  Simply clicking ‘yes’ to the KDP campaign won’t achieve anything unless you have a strategic and tested plan to go along with it.

As a side-note, here is an excerpt from a post by Tim Grahl about his KDP experience (I’ve not met nor worked with Tim but have read his book – and as you will see, Tim also references the “top 100” most people refer to as a best-seller rank):

“Every author’s greatest enemy is obscurity, so the fact that over 6000 people have possession of my book now is a huge win for me.  My goal was to give away at least as many copies as I had sold so I definitely hit that goal.  Another win is I made it as high as #101 ranked free Kindle book.  And I’ll admit, I was pretty sad that it didn’t break the top 100.  So close!

Did my sales go up or down as a result?

Overall my sales have shown about a 10% increase in the two weeks since the campaign. As I assumed, and heard from other self-published authors, it never hurts sales to give your book away, and this has definitely been true for me.

Any other positive results?

There were two other positive results that came as a result of the campaign.  One expected and one unexpected.  First, as expected, newsletter subscription rates from book readers went up.  In Your First 1000 Copies I embed several links to my website for extra resources.  I am tracking those pages to see who is signing up for this email newsletter as a result of reading the book (you may be one of them!).  As expected, if you give away 3408 copies of your book, newsletter subscription rates from readers are going to go up and this has been the case for me.  Second, unexpectedly, it significantly improved the book recommendations around Your First 1000 Copies.  Before the campaign, my book was often paired with some of the spammier, “get rich on Kindle” books.  Now, it’s become a recommended book against Guy Kawasaki’s APE: Author, Publisher Entrepreneur and other popular titles.  I believe this will have a helpful, long-term effect on sales.

Any negative results?

None that I can tell.  …


For two months we strategically position your book ready for a three-day ‘Best-Seller Campaign’.

Through a great deal or research, trial and error, we have developed a strategic KDP Kindle book-marketing process – a tested and proven plan – that involves first determining how to best promote your book (analyzing your competition, keywords etc) and second, posting, tweeting, linking, forums, partnering, and more to ensure your Kindle book gets in as many hands as possible during the three day campaign.

Then on day 58 the real fun begins…  For three days (days 58, 59 and 60) we watch with you as your book climbs in the Amazon rankings… (and in almost every case, the book has hit within the top #50 (or in the case of over 80% of my clients, a top #10 or above) on Amazon on the evening of day 59).


…and we do all this for one basic fee – there are no extras, no surprises – and if you don’t achieve at least a #50 ranking in at least one category on Amazon, I will repeat the process for you for FREE!


Book Reviews are Essential

That’s why have a team of Reviewers who will post reviews on your book’s page.

Many people will not even consider a book unless it has two or three reviews – and we think that is reasonable…

Yet again, we like to aim a little higher than ‘reasonable’ for our clients…   :-))

From our experience you need at least five reviews before most people take your book seriously – so that’s what we provide – a minimum of five reviews.

“What if your reviewers don’t like my book?” I hear you ask?

First, please remember that the vast majority of writers are highly self-critical – your book is most likely of a MUCH higher quality than you perceive it to be.

Second, we only take on a very limited number of books in this program – it would not be possible to work with everyone – and before we start, we need to make certain your book is of a high enough quality to achieve a best-seller rank of at least #50 because we GUARANTEE it!  So, just the fact that we have said “yes” to you is evidence enough that we believe in you and your book – and therefore the likelihood that a reviewer will also ‘like’ the book is high.

“Five star” reviews are very strong influencers, so while the least number of stars any of the reviewers we contract has ever given was four, we also guarantee you receive at least four-five reviews that are five stars.

What this process is not…

This process is not…  This process is not designed as a ‘get rich quick’ campaign – in fact you may not make money during the three days of the campaign.

What it DOES do, is to turn your book into a best-seller – and thereby raises YOU to the ranks of a Best-Selling Author – and we even give you the screen-shots to prove it!

This process is not…  Apart from that, as much as I love fiction (both writing and reading), this process is designed primarily for Non-Fiction (including biographies and auto-biographies) Kindle books on Amazon.

While I’m sure it would work for Fiction Books, my specialty is working with self-employed, professionals and/or those with a relatively high profile who want to use their book to promote their business and/or brand, increase their standing as an expert in their field, generate more income and essentially educate their customers and/or tell their story… who they are, what they are about and how/why they do what they do.

[Recently added note:  I’ve had so many fiction writers contact me requesting to use this service so, while I can’t promise anything, if you do have a Kindle Fiction Book on Amazon and would like to use the Best-Seller Campaign, I’d be happy to discuss it with you.]

What do YOU need to do during this process?

Although we will provide you with a list of action steps you can take if you choose, there is actually very little you need to do..

We do it all for you!

We undertake a lot of research on your book, your competition, the best keywords…  We promote you and your book on several hundred different sites, platforms and services…  We post about it, tweet about, and follow a carefully and strategically laid-out plan of action that we KNOW produces RESULTS!


What will it cost you if you DON’T turn your book into a Best-Seller?

How does it feel knowing you put so much time, effort, and often so much of ‘yourself’ into creating your book, only to know that almost no one has read it…

If you are reading this page, it’s most likely that you fit one or more of the following:

  • You have published a book only to find it languish on Amazon and you’re feeling disheartened that no one is reading it
  • You know you could command higher prices in your business by becoming a best-selling author, but you don’t know how to go about it
  • You thought by publishing a book that ‘things’ would be different in your business…

Think about how much more you would pay to a professional who had written a best-selling book VS a similar professional who hadn’t…  That difference in price is just part of what it is costing you to NOT turn your book into a best-seller.

How does it feel knowing you believe in your book and yet you can’t seem to get anyone to read it?  That feeling of dismay and possibly even regret is just part of what it is costing you to NOT turn your book into a best-seller.

We could list many other ways that by NOT turning your book into a best-seller that you are leaving money on the table; that you are not experiencing the joy around your book that you could and should…

The only real question is – what are you going to DO about it?

There is a quote you will notice I use on a lot of my websites, correspondence and social media:

“Will my future self thank me for my decisions and actions TODAY?”

Five years ago, you had dreams, made plans for what you would do in five year’s time…  Well, those five years have passed and the day you were dreaming about is TODAY!

…does it look the way you thought it would ~ and if not, why not ~ and what can you do differently TODAY to make sure your tomorrow is everything you imagine it will be?

Every conscious action is a choice…


Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about how YOUR book can become an Amazon best-seller, please email me and we can set up a time to talk.

Looking forward to it!

~ Leigh

Please note:  While we reserve the right to turn down any book we believe is not suitable for this program (and don’t worry, I haven’t yet refused a book), if we do accept your book into the program, we guarantee to get you within the top 50 on Amazon in at least one category or we will repeat the process for free!  (and even give you that guarantee in writing!)