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The mission of Rusty Ten Publishing LLC dba The Snuffy Collectibles is to “keep rural history alive” through a series of short stories and Reading Literacy – Folklore Reading Supplement to give students a glimpse of life in the rural South.

Regine’ Ivory-Barlow is a woman of substance, gifted storyteller, motivational speaker, and founder of the Snuffy Collectibles Folklore Reading, telling the history of ‘real life’ in the rural South is given voice in this thought-provoking short memoir by Regine Ivory-Barlow.

Snuffy and the Bull follows young Snuffy and her grandmother during an uncomfortable encounter with the farm’s reigning “tough guy,” when she finds out that The Enemy Ain’t No Joke.

Through her inspiring leadership, Ivory-Barlow awakens the personal spirit, touching everyone she encounters because Snuffy is a “real character on a real mission.” Her experience speaks for itself:

  • Owner: Rusty Ten Publishing, LLC
  • Creator: The Snuffy Collectibles ©
  • Author: Snuffy and the Bull: The Enemy Ain’t No Joke ©
  • Author: Snuffy Reading Literacy – Folklore Curriculum ©
  • Author: Snuffy and Her Favorite Christmas ©
  • Author: Snuffy Collectibles Prayers, Bible Verses, and ‘Ol Country Thoughts for Daily Living©
  • Author: Mountain Movers Blog, Reflections of Prayer and The Word of God
  • Contributing Writer: FEEWWV Newsletter, “The Prayer Corner”
  • Journalist: “Dr. Phil Live in Elgin: Elginize Therapy”; “Lexington Welcomes Evacuees From Louisiana”; “Local Vet’s Reunion”
  • Writer’s Workshop: “The Texas Coach Whip” ©
  • Graduate: Concordia University of Austin, Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Graduate: Concordia University of Austin, Bachelor’s of Art in Business Management

Book Now: Snuffy Parties of high energy storytelling and motivational speaking, sharing tales of the lost world of living on the farm with a li’l ol’ country girl like me! Contact Snuffy at 504-333-3380.

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