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My Dear Snuffy Fans

Snuffy Here! In a time when we can use technology to communicate across the globe, pay our bills, keep up with latest news, and use social media to get minute-by-minute pictures from family and friends all in the palm of our hands; simultaneously, never learning or teaching “a time in our history which has been woven into the quilt of America and found within the eclectic tapestry of our culture.”

Regine’ Ivory-Barlow tells tales of her ‘lil, ‘ol, country life in Texas before communicating by telephone and watching television; Snuffy shares stories of her and Grandma on the farm and free from technology.

“Snuffy and the Bull: The Enemy Ain’t No Joke” is a non-fiction short story with its own dictionary and reading literacy curriculum, according to Common Core, CCSS, and Texas Essential Knowledge Skills, TEKS (Flash drive Only). 
Book Amazon Best-Selling Author, Regine’ Ivory-Barlow for a 45 – 90 minute storytelling session of Snuffy.

The vision is to bridge the gap between then and now and give others a peep into times past and share why things are the way they are today. For example, in the past we had the party line – today we have conference calls; same concept but many more can be included on the call. Snuffylicious!

Book Regine’ Ivory-Barlow for your next event, television or radio show, youth rally, writers sessions, school programs, book groups and churches. Snuffy looks forward to meeting you.

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